Part Full-Stack Developer, Part Multimedia Specialist
I'm Santiago Ramirez and I'm a NYC based full-stack developer and multimedia specialist. I specialize in front-end development, responsive design, back-end development, hybrid apps, videography, music composition, and audio engineering.
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Front-End Web Development

I’m intermediate to advanced in a wide variety of front-end technologies including: HTML5, XHTML for email, XML, CSS3, SASS, object-oriented JavaScript, AngularJS, Mustache.js, jQuery and AJAX.

I also have a great eye for design and layout. I love the process of drawing out my ideas on quad-rule paper and bringing them to life. I have a strong focus on responsive design and am proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


The backend is possibly my favorite part of developing a website. I have enough knowledge of PHP and MySQL to not only create a website based on WordPress but to create a complex database-driven web application with a REST-driven API as well.

I have a high focus on security and love to utilize MVC and various web services in my applications. I’m a very active learner and am currently looking into Python, Node.js and MongoDB.

Hybrid Apps & Android

I’m always looking to conquer new territory and android development happens to be my latest battle. So far I’ve created and published two hybrid apps on the Google Play Store, but I really want to create an Android app that is actually native… It may be coming soon!


In addition to being a great developer and designer, I’m also a very talented videographer, music producer and audio engineer. I primarily use Premiere Pro and AfterEffects for editing video and FL Studio for creating music and editing audio.

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